Sweaters make me feel arty.

Maybe my brain and body remember all those cold nights I spent awake in the studio working on paintings or making paper. There’s something about fall and winter that make me want to create. I was in Anthropologie today while I was on my lunch, and I fell in love with this sweater.


Of course, it may as well have cost a million dollars, since my retail paycheck doesn’t afford me a whole lot. I had a birthday discount card though that’s been burning a hole in my wallet, so I settled for a candle instead. I once bought a coconut milk mango candle made of soy wax there that was the most amazing thing I’ve ever smelled in my entire life. I loved it so much I burned the whole thing in less than a year. I kept trying to find it again for years, and today I found it! Now my room smells like…heaven. Yes, heaven. This must be what heaven smells like.




2 thoughts on “Sweaters make me feel arty.

  1. ah yes! the classic Anthropologie “candle instead of cardigan” exchange. last time i was in there i swapped away the $400 cotton frock beckoning from the window display for a (albeit lovely) scarf. this store is a perpetual love-hate inducer, no?

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