oh yeah…

i do know how to draw!

i love this feeling. this is the feeling that i get after i’ve been on art hiatus
aka decided to spend time with people instead of creating,
which has always been an issue/ not so successful balancing act.
actually there is no balance, who am i kidding. i love people.
and people almost always win.
and i feel it’s time well spent, but my little artist gets hungry.
the cool thing that i can celebrate currently, is that the creative urge
is actually there.
tonight after my love went home, i busted out my sketch pad
and a pack of sketching pencils i bought in santa barbara, but never used.
derwent knows how to make a pencil, oh <3.
i remember my first ever art class, my teacher complimented my sketches
and then very graciously and politely pointed out that i was pretty much
indenting the paper with my hb pencil trying to get the shading dark enough.
i went out and bought some drawing pencils at her suggestion
and immediately fell in love.

anyways…feeling good about just plain ol' sketching. ahhhhh. deep breath. *sigh*
it's like a long drink of water after a five mile run.
i must be an artist or something.


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