Which of the 5 …

Which of the 5 thieves keep you from being ineffective?
Timidity? Insecurity? Procrastination? Lack of belief? or Fear?
Face your enemy and overcome with God’s help.

My high school art teacher posted this on facebook the other day, and it completely floored me. Honestly I immediately thought about my art. I think all of the “thieves” are contributors, but the biggest one for me is lack of belief. Eeeesh.
Lack of belief in my art, in my ability to change my life, or to actually do something I love. I felt very convicted. It was one of those facing the man in the mirror moments.
So what will it take? I suppose the will to face this “thief”, and to ask for God’s help, as my teachers post said. And asking for discipline, willingness to dive in. To really work for the things I want, the life I want.


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