No more complaining!

Do you ever get in ruts? I do. And I feel like I’m in a big one. I was reading some health stuff online today and realized probably much of this rut is owed to negative thinking and lack of sleep. And sort of unintentionally forsaking the things I love and that make me happy and energize me. Singing, playing guitar, dancing, painting, random adventures that don’t necessarily involve spending alot of money. Maybe I need to do those things more often, and that’ll sort of be like the jumper cables to this whole finding a new job thing. I’m tired of feeling like this awful retail job is holding me back. And I really want the day to come when my boyfriend and I don’t have to say goodbye at the airport. There are definitely many positive things in my life right now that I am very thankful and grateful for, my amazingly awesome boyfriend included. But I also feel that I’ve sort of lost some joy and I don’t know…zest for life (???) in this whole post-graduation employment nightmare. It’s silly, really. And you know what, I want it┬áback. I’ll admit I can be a bit of a complainer at times. Ok, a huge complainer. Bleccch. I’m so tired of letting my job and all the negative people I have to deal with every day get me down. I want to declare I’m done with it, and mean it and have that be the end of it.

I’m done with it! NO MAS! BASTA! You are a paycheck and you do not define me!

There I said it. If I start complaining again, please smack me.

Ok, smack me metaphorically, because I’m really not into violence.